A little bit of humor for today…

Jodie Davis (President of QNNtv) posted this You Tube video by Mavis Rosbach on her Facebook page.  Mavis describes it as “Humorous Quilting Video set to Cathy Miller’s song ‘You Can Quilt That Out,’ depicting the life of a longarm quilter. Video made by Mavis Rosbach, Quiltbird Studio, for “the Buzz on the Longarm Biz’ class originally presented at the Georgia Quilt Show October, 2008. www.quiltbirdstudio.com www.singingquilter.com

It is great – if you are a quilter who sends your quilts to a longarmer – you need to watch this. And if you are a longarm quilter- well – just watch – it speaks for itself!


A happy quilt for summer

My friend Diane Rode Schneck once took a class from “the twins” – a.k.a Barbara Feinstein & Emily Klainberg – the original twisted sisters! – (To find out more about these 3 quilting mavens click on the link and scroll down the page and look for their bios) She made a quilt entitled Twisted Sisters from a pattern by Ami Simms. The free-motion quilting was done on a Handi Quilter 16  I had lots of fun quilting this. It’s great to work on a quilt like this!

Here are a few shots of the front – it now sports a nifty pink binding.

And here are a few close ups of the quilting. Diane loves swirls and twirls – so I gave her quilt plenty of them.

I love the quilt – it is a fun happy quilt – a perfect quilt for summer.

Design Muse: Vacation Pictures

In sorting through my pictures I came across some shots that were taken last summer while on vacation. These are of the staircase in the Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State Park in New York State.  I loved the look of them and thought they might be the inspiration for a quilt block/pattern – I think this might require some applique! (SHUDDER – not a big applique person here – don’t get me wrong – I love the look of it but don’t like doing it).

I hope this might inspire you to create something. And a reminder to look around you as you go out and about!

This is a picture of the waterfall that is directly in front of the Inn. Be sure to take a trip through the park if you are ever in the Finger Lakes region of NY State.

And a final picture – this is one of the original cow bells that hung from the neck of Mr. Letchworth prize cows! It now hangs in the staircase at the inn.