Design Muse: In Front of You – On Broadway

Here are some pictures that I hope will inspire you – these were right in front of me – I only had to open my eyes (and my mind) to see them!

Simplify them a bit (or a lot) and they could be some fun border designs that could be quilted. Or – what about applique?? The possibilities are endless

Stop by next Friday for more!

So – have you started to look at your surroundings in a different light?  What do you see?

Design Muse: Look Up-On Broadway

All around us there are sources of inspiration for design. In the first issue of The Quilt Life there were a number of articles that showed how pictures of nature can inspire us – inspire us for color, or quilt ideas, or a block or ……

Living in New York City I am surrounded by wonders of architectural detail. (We do have trees and flowers also!) I always marvel at what surrounds me and the issue of the magazine inspired me to pick up my camera and take a walk. So, one bright sunny day I took a stroll up Broadway from W 17th street up to W 34th.
Here is the first in a series of blog entries featuring this walk. I plan on taking other walks and posting what I find. I am using them as sources of inspiration for quilting patterns. I hope that they might inspire you to create something!

The first set of pictures is entitled – LOOK UP – I took my gaze upward to see what I could see. (Thankfully I didn’t walk into someone or out into traffic by accident!)

Stop by next Friday for some more shots walking up Broadway!

Design Dilemma: Log Cabin

I am trying to finish up a log cabin quilt – I started these blocks last year in a log cabin class, and never finished it – so I took the class again this year and I am going to finish the quilt.

Here are the fabrics:

Here is the block:

Here is a traditional setting:

But I wanted something a bit different, so I shifted the vertical rows by half a block and liked what I got – now the dilemma which setting do I use?

Setting A:

Or setting B:

Leave a comment and if you choose – go to the side bar and vote in the poll as to which design choice you prefer.