Big Rig in Print – Fons & Porter – Summer 2012

It’s just received my complimentary issue of the Summer 2012 Fons & Porter Easy Quilts – why a comp – well I have a quilt in the magazine.
I had a lot of fun creating this quilt – entitled – UDDER DELIGHT!  Yes I had some fun naming the quilt – normally the magazine will come up with their own name for quilt, but I guess they liked what I had on the label.
The fabric line has a great country feel to it.  If you subscribe to the magazine you should be receiving it in the mail shortly – and it will be on the news stands in the next few weeks.  I designed the quilt in EQ7 – can you figure out which is the actual quilt and which is the virtual quilt? Check at the end of the post for the answer
If you like what you see and can’t find the fabrics in your local shop – not to fret – Fons & Porter is offering a kit! Click here for more info on the magazine and the kit!
Pop on over to the Windham Web site for another pattern I designed called – “MOO-LICIOUS” using this fabric line. (Yes, I am a frustrated “namer” –  my fantasy job would be to work for Crayola Crayons and name the new colors)
Happy Quilting – all this talk of cows and milk makes me crave an ice cream cone – what flavor??? (Hey second fantasy job – taste testing and naming the new flavors for Ben & Jerry’s!)
(Answer to the question – which is the real quilt – Quilt A is the actual quilt, Quilt B is the virtual quilt from EQ7)