Spring is in the air

I went to the AQS show in Lancaster PA this past weekend and was inspired by all the wonderful work I saw.  It gave me a lot of ideas of things I could try, now to put some quilts on the machine and start quilting! Here is a shot of a quilt I did for my friend Susan from Easy Piecing last week – it will be in her booth next month at the Brooklyn Guild Quilt Show from April 17 – 18.  Enjoy some spring flowers!

The Green Market

One of the curses of living in NYC is not being able to have a place to plant a few flowers or veggies, but thankfully the city has provided a program called the Green Market whereby local farmers come into the city and sell food they have grown  (veggies and meats) as well as flowers.  The program runs all year long and during the winter months they bring in the apples and root veggies that they have stored, or the farm fresh eggs, or baked goods, or the honey or grass feed beef, or….  I took a trip today to the biggest of the Green Markets in NYC the one that is at Union Square.

Here are a few shots of some mushrooms – just couldn’t resist snapping  a pic or two

And here are some flowers – they are a product of the greenhouse – but what a welcome sight after all the snow we had – could spring be near – I hope!

Check back from time to time to see what is new in the market – maybe find a recipe or suggest one from what you see in my market – or in yours!

The falling leaves…..

Ah yes, the falling leaves makes one think more of Autumn then early March, but I finally finished a quilt made out of some fabric I received as part of a Fat Quarter exchange.

There is a Yahoo group for guys who quilt called QuiltGuy, and several times during the year there is a Fat Quarter exchange.  Last summer the theme was Fall Fabrics/Autumn Colors.  I sent off my fabric to Paul in Boston and he cut it up and made some wonder packets. I received 24 Fat Quarters (give or take one or two – my memory fails me!). I am one of the last stragglers to finish my top – but I finished it.

Here are a few other shots of the quilt. One is a close up of the front the other two are from the back.


Now I have to attack the next exchange – it was Winter Blues – well, the fabric is cut, maybe I might have it finished by summer!

So what did I do when the snow fell….

….well I quilted!

I was working on a sample for a good friend of mine Susan Sato.  She has her own company Easy Piecing – she produces wonderful kits using Asian Fabrics.  I am quilting two samples for her that she will be using in her booth this spring. She will be exhibiting at the Quilters Guild of Brooklyn  show on April 17 & 18 Here is a shot of the front of the quilt

Here are a few close up shots of quilting on the front

And I must confess I had a grand time using my Pro-Stitcher – I used a crane design that I purchased from Munnich Designs.
And here are some shots of the back – the quilting shows up very well on the back.