Big Rig on the Road – QBL

I try to take some  time every summer to get away for a week to recharge and get some new ideas and spend time with other quilters. One of the special treats for me is to spend a week at Quilting by the Lake (QBL) – which is a program of the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center.

QBL is a two week program of 2, 3 and 5 day classes or studio time with some of the best teachers in the quilting world.  And – some of the best quilters (both in terms of talent and personality) from around the world. This summer I will be taking a class with Elin Noble in the art of Indigo Dyeing.

I will have my camera with me and will be taking pictures throughout the week – I hope to be able to use someones laptop and post some of the pictures next week – but if they don’t show up next week – rest assured I will put them up the first week of August.

This is what I am doing to rest and recharge my quilting spirit – what do you do to recharge your creative soul?

Toolbox Tuesday – July 20 -Color

When I talk with quilters I find that many (most) are in a color rut – they just don’t know how to make things work, what should I add to a quilt to make it better, what should I leave out….. the list goes on and on. You like me most likely have books on color-some of which we use – lots we don’t! I recently came across an interesting publication on the magazine rack – and it still is around (the magazine says display through  August 17, 2010).  It’s not for quilters – but for painting your home. It presents colors that different designers use and why.   It has entries on colors that calm, colors that make you feel good, the best reds etc… (The best one is colors that make you look younger!!! – worth picking up just for this one!)

(Yep you wanted the page about “colors that make you look younger” – well you will have to find the magazine and take a look yourself!)

I found inspiration in looking at the pictures and the juxtaposition of colors – some combiniations I would never have thought of.  So… when you are at the store and you see this cover – pick it up and at least page through it… it might be something of interest to you or it just might not be for you – but you might get an idea or two. Take a look (better than looking through all that other stuff on the rack!)

And on that note – What color resources have you found helpful?  When you are in a color funk and don’t know what to do – what do you use for inspiration.

Design Wall Monday-July 19

I did a little work on my tumblers – to those who wondered:

1) I loved using the AccuQuilt system. It worked like a charm – no problem with slipping fabric and it made quick work of cutting up the fat quarters.

2) The tumblers are 6 inches tall

3) I LOVED LOVED LOVED – how the die cut the corners so that when you went to sew the blocks together there was no guessing as to how they should line up!

Here is what I had up last week:

Here is where I am at this week.

Run over to Judy’s Blog to see what everyone else is up to.

For those of you on Facebook – check out the Facebook listing for Big Rig Quilting – I created it this weekend and it has pictures of some of my quilts as well as some quilts I have done for customers. If you have trouble with this link – just do a search for Big Rig Quilting.

Friday’s Quilt

Well, Big Rig Quilting is up and running as a business – and here is the quilt for my first paying customer!!! It’s called On the dunes, it is a Blooming Nine Patch. I used the Pro-Stitcher on my HQ 16 with a design from Munnich Designs.  The thread is King Tut – Mummy’s Dearest #916, by Superior Threads

Here is a picture of the Front of the quilt

A picture of the back of the quilt

A picture showing the front and back

Here are some close up shots of the front

Design Muse – Thursday July 15 – Victoria & Albert

I had originally planned on putting up some pictures to stimulate your mind around the idea of color – but I came across this great link.  The Victoria & Albert museum in London had a great quilt exhibit that closed at the beginning of July – they still have this cool feature on their web site whereby you can upload a photo and it will analyze it and create a quilt pattern from it based on squares of color – it is TOO much fun. This could become more addictive then the games on Facebook!

Here is the photo they give as an example:

Here is the first step – the pattern:

Here is the finished quilt!

Check it out HERE

And while you are busy clicking – click on the McCall’s link in the right side bar and vote for my Zig Zag Log Cabin in the Design Star Contest! THANKS