I can’t believe this day has arrived!

I can’t believe it – after quilting all these many years and giving quilts away, and having too many UFOs to count, I finally finished a quilt for my own bed!  I can hardly believe it. Thankfully the temperature dropped last evening – so it was nice to sleep under it with a cool breeze coming in the windows. Otherwise I would have cranked up the air conditioning and cooled down the bedroom enough so that I could use the quilt to keep me warm!

The name of the quilt is Jungle Red – can anyone tell me where that name came from?

Quilter of the Month

Today I had the honor of being “Quilter of the Month” at the Empire Quilters Guild’s May Meeting. (We meet the second Saturday of the month at FIT[Fashion Institute of Technology] in NYC) Here are some shots from the day.   It was a lot of fun to show folks what I have been doing – and to get some great feedback from them.

Here is Naomi who greets everyone and gets them to buy raffle tickets!

Here are a few shots of some of the quilts…..

Chatting with some folks at the end of the meeting……..