A New Spin – Checkerboard and Abstract

Today is a two-for-one day.  Both of these quilts feature Peppered Cottons by Pepper Cory for Studio e Fabrics.  She is partially to blame for my addiction to the Drunkard’s Path block – her book 65 Drunkard’s Path Quilt Designs was the first Drunkard’s Path design book I purchased – and it still finds a place of honor on my shelf.

The first is Checkerboard.


A sixteen patch finds its way into the Drunkard’s Path block.  No you aren’t cutting all sorts of small curves and then piecing them together – see if you can figure out what I did – if you can’t, well guess you will have to wait for the book.

The second is Abstract.


Abstract uses the Fan Variation in addition to the Sixteen-Patch variation.  Both of these blocks look HARD – but with my simple and innovative techniques they are really quite easy.

Again – I had a great fun quilting these two pieces – all with longarm rulers. I used Aurifil 40 weight thread to do the quilting. Checkerboard gave me the space and the grid to do some fun ruler work in the colored squares.  The background again let me have some fun with improv ruler work.

With Abstract through the quilting I was able to extend the sixteen-patch grid into the background space and also extend the circles.  Grids are formed and dissolve, arcs try to form circles but never quite succeed.


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