A New Spin – Deco Blue

Here is a Drunkard’s Path block that I didn’t mess with too much, well I guess i did, just a bit.


This is my quilt Deco Blue.   I didn’t alter the traditional Drunkard’s Path block – what I did do is add a cornerstone and sashing to two sides of a block and then upsized the background frame piece on the second. The quilt uses fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics Cotton Couture Collection.

To cut my block components I like to use commercial templates -and my preferred Drunkard’s Path templates are by Marti Michell. I used the Large Template set to create this quilt and all the quilts in the book.  The book also provides graphics so  you can make your own templates from template plastic.


I like this style because they are easy to cut around and are easy to use when I play around with the size or shape of a block!

This quilt reminded me of all things Art Deco – so I wanted to do quilting reflected that style.  Lines and simple arcs and arches created with longarm rulers allowed me to create this look.

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The book gives you two other color options to consider, and I hope those will also help get your creative juices flowing to come up with your own color combination.  So what would your color combination be for this quilt? How would you have quilted this quilt?




Coming this August from

C&T Publications!

Check out some of the other quilts in the book and how the book came to be!


Shaken Not Stirred

What would happen if….?

Pretty Plates – Dresden that is!

Dresden Plates are a lot of fun to make – they are a great way to use up scraps.  Here is a quilt that I made using a lot of different Kaffe Fasset Collective Fabrics.

Pretty Plates wTemplates copy_Page_1

Photo Courtesy of McCall’s Quilting

It is featured in the September/October 2014 issue of McCall’s Quilting.


Here are a few shots of the quilt as it was on my Handi Quilter Sixteen Longarm


IMG_0889 - Version 2

I used the Marti Michell Dresden Plate templates to make the quilt.

DresPl copy

I hope you enjoy it and might make one for yourself.


Photo Courtesy of McCall’s Quilting


Classic Modern Quilts – 21st Century Spider Web Block

It has been great fun visiting the other blogs earlier this week and seeing how the other designers approached their quilt designs. (And I enjoyed looking at some of their other blog posts to see what they have been up to – all great stuff – but I digress).  Today I have a chance to share some insights into my quilt Pinwheels.  

I have to admit that “naming” quilts is not my favorite thing to do. Sometimes a name can pop into my head – other times it is agony trying to come-up with something. But in this case it was easy- the quilt when it was finished reminded me of those little pinwheel spinning thingies I had as a kid.

A little back-story about choosing the blocks.  We were sent this grid of blocks from the Kansas City Star Collection – and they sure do have a great collection of blocks.  I had wanted to play around with the Kaleidscope and Spider Web blocks for a while, and when I saw the Spider Web block in the list, I snagged it..

I started playing around with different strip sets and figuring out how things might look.  Paper and pencil are my first “go-tos” and then I move to Electric Quilt (I have EQ 7) to fine tune the design and play with colors.

I was also looking at how could I bring the fabric from the sashing and the corner triangles more into the block.  By making the sashing strips the same color as the neutral background fabric it the block it makes the block appear to float on the quilt and helps the edges of the block to disappear. Here is the quilt in process on my design wall

The fabric: – I had been working with the Spin line of basics from Windham Fabrics. I just love the white tonals they have and also the bright primary colors and contemporary tonal prints – they seemed like a prefect match.

Then the next task was – how do I cut out the different components. Do I make plastic templates or I was wondering if there was a speciality ruler out there.  Luckily I found out that Marti Michell had a ruler that would cut out the wedges and cut out the corner triangles (The book gives you a template for the wedge shape and tells you the exact size for the corner triangles).  I like working with this ruler – it was so easy to use and it would  also allow me (in the future) to play around with different sizes for the block.

And there is  TRIPLE- TRIPLETRIPLE  give-away today.  Leave a comment below and you have a chance to win a copy of the book, a second lucky person will winl a set of Marti Michell Kaleido Rulers (large AND small)

AND  for another wonderful prize from Marmalade Fabrics.

She is giving away a fabric pack that gives you enough fabric to MAKE THE QUILT!!!!

The Pinwheels Quilt Bundle includes
2/3 yard of red solid  
2/3 yard of green solid 
1/3 yard of pink solid 
1/3 yard of purple solid 
3/4 yard of yellow solid 
1/2 yard of blue solid 
6 yards of white for background and binding (All solids are Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids)
 TRIPLE- TRIPLE –TRIPLE  give-away today
So  how do you get a chance to win all of these prizes?  First of all, for the book and ruler give away you must leave a comment below, 2 winners will be randomly picked at the end of the tour (1 person wins a book, the second wins a ruler set)  And what is that comment???? Since Thanksgiving is around the corner – answer the question that everyone wants to know.
At Thanksgiving Dinner if you serve Cranberry Sauce/Relish is it the kind with the ridges (yes the canned variety) or do you make your own (if you do, would you care to share your recipe?)
Now for the fabric bundle you have to – visit Tammy Vasser’s  blog and leave a comment there.
In case you are just jointing the hop – check out the previous posts and look ahead to the other designers. (don’t forget to leave comments on the various blog posts so you can win on their blog!

The Book – It’s Here!!!!!!

I received a nice little present in the mail yesterday – a box containing copies of the new book from Kansas City Star under their new imprint My Stars.

The book Classic Modern Quilts features quilts from ten designers.  We were given the task of taking one of the classic Kansas City Star quilt blocks and giving it a bit of a Modern twist.

I chose the Spider Web Block – Fourth row from the top – last block on the right.

I had fun playing around with different arrangements for the strip sets and seeing what would happen.  It seems like there is no limit to what someone can do.  Here is a shot of the quilt in progress on my design wall at my apartment in NYC. (yes those are newspapers and packing boxes on the floor – I was also in the midst of packing my apartment to move while making the quilt!)

The block was a lot of fun to play with and working with the Marti Michell Kaleido Ruler made cutting and sewing the block a breeze. The fabric I used for the quilt is the Spin line from Windham Fabrics

The book is a visual delight. They really outdid themselves with the photography.

Another treat is that each of us was asked to define “Modern Quilting” – well as you can guess there is a lot of variety in our answers – but also a lot in common.  But then I can’t spill the beans on what we say – you have to pick up a copy of the book and read for yourself!

Finally the book has 10 wonderful quilts that you can make – but those 10 quilts are also a wonderful design lab for the quilter in seeing how YOU might take another block and make it YOUR own.  The fall weather is upon us – pick-up the book, pick up your favorite beverage, and browse through the book and let your creative imagination kick in gear.

CLICK HERE for more information about the book. Ask your local quilt store to stock the book.

If you happen to be coming to Quilt Market this week (or tell your shop owner!) Stop by our Schoolhouse on Friday afternoon at 5:45 in room 381 C and by the Kansas City Star Booth (# 2046) on Sunday at 12:30 pm for a book signing.

Design Wall Monday – 17 September 2012

Hello everyone – I am back online and posting!   Here is what I am working on now – these are some samples for a Kaleidoscope Class I will be teaching in a few months.

I am using Marti Michell’s Kaleido Ruler to construct the blocks – this handy tool makes cutting the wedges and corner triangles a breeze!
I must confess – I am getting addicted to this block.  This could be a good stash buster block – but to bust my stash I would need to be making these blocks for many many years!
My goal for today is to finish sewing the top set of blocks together for the body of the quilt and then trying to figure out what to do for borders for each of them.  I think the Red/Gold one is going to get a piano key border – not sure about the top one – any ideas?????
Head on over to Judy’s blog to see what everyone else is up to!