A New Spin – Test Pattern

With the Fourth of July around the corner I thought I would show you something that celebrates the summer.  While the quilt is titled Test Pattern (It reminds me of the test patterns that were used on the TV way back in …..) – but it also looks like Whirligigs spinning in the wind.


Test Pattern from the book A New Spin On Drunkard’s Path – C&T Publications – August 2016

The  crisp white, and bright red and yellow fabrics are from American Made Brand solids from Clothworks.

I am playing some tricks with you on this quilt with the fabric placement.  This uses the Fan Variation, but here I used the background (white) fabric as part of the block – doing this makes the red blades float on the quilt.

Because of the motion created by the quilt block layout, I just had to have a lot of motion in the quilting.  This is done by what I call improv ruler work.  (More about that at another time!)


If you look closely in the picture above you can see some of the seams that show how the white fabric is incorporated.  Take a look at the red blade on the upper left – then look at the white blade next to it – you can see the seam of the drunkard’s path block. It is sort of hard to see on the other blades because the quilting helps to camouflage the seam.

I hope you enjoy the quilt and enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend.

Are you wondering how those triangle blocks are formed? Well – it’s all in the book! (and it’s really easy – trust me – it is!)

Coming this August from

C&T Publications!


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