A New Spin – Deco Blue

Here is a Drunkard’s Path block that I didn’t mess with too much, well I guess i did, just a bit.


This is my quilt Deco Blue.   I didn’t alter the traditional Drunkard’s Path block – what I did do is add a cornerstone and sashing to two sides of a block and then upsized the background frame piece on the second. The quilt uses fabrics from Michael Miller Fabrics Cotton Couture Collection.

To cut my block components I like to use commercial templates -and my preferred Drunkard’s Path templates are by Marti Michell. I used the Large Template set to create this quilt and all the quilts in the book.  The book also provides graphics so  you can make your own templates from template plastic.


I like this style because they are easy to cut around and are easy to use when I play around with the size or shape of a block!

This quilt reminded me of all things Art Deco – so I wanted to do quilting reflected that style.  Lines and simple arcs and arches created with longarm rulers allowed me to create this look.

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The book gives you two other color options to consider, and I hope those will also help get your creative juices flowing to come up with your own color combination.  So what would your color combination be for this quilt? How would you have quilted this quilt?




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Tool Box Tuesday: Pins, Pins and More Pins


It seems that I am always looking for pins, and they are never in the right place.  Do you have the same problem?

I a have a solution that works for me and it is based on the phrase “You never can have too many” – Too many pincushions that is.  I have two main pincushions that I use (yes I do have more than two) but here is how I use the two main ones.
I keep one near my worktable and ironing board.  The pincushion usually lives on my worktable, but I find that I use it more on the ironing board.  After I have ironed blocked that I have just sewn, I will stay there and pin the pieces that need to be sewn next.


The second pincushion lives near my sewing machine. If there is room I keep it up close so that I can easily put the pin in when I remove it for the fabric before it goes under the needle.


If things are a bit crowded I keep it off to the side.


Here is what happens almost as by magic.  As the pincushion at my worktable or ironing board gets empty, the one at my sewing machine is full.  I just swap them with each other and always have pins at hand and a pincushion at hand to put them in.

While not necessarily pin related – but throwing it in here.  I keep a small pair of scissors and a seam ripper on the table that my machine sits on. I do have a table extension that covers the area, but I can easily reach underneath for either of these tools.  They are close at hand, within easy reach, but out of the way.

You also might notice in the picture, I use the little magnetic area on the side of my machine that is designed to hold the stylus to hold some stray pins – because no matter how hard I try to keep the pincushions where they need to be, they somehow getup and walk away and hide!

Hope these tips are helpful for you.  How do you keep track of and manage your pin stash? And do you have any favorite pins?