Studio Reorganization – Part 1

I moved into a wonderful studio space in the basement of our new home in August – you might remember the posts of the pictures of all the unpacked boxes.

Well those boxes got unpacked and everything got set up – but it just wasn’t working out right.

Did you ever have that feeling that the room just didn’t “feel” right and things just weren’t in the “right” place?

Well that is what I recently realized and I am in the process of reorganizing the room. I “think” I know where everything needs to go and I am gradually moving things in segments – One thing that has me stymied is how to store my piecing thread. (yes, I have to figure out how to store the longarm stuff – but that is another story and I will worry about that on another day).

Right now I have my thread on a thread rack I picked up at Joannes and it is hanging above the sewing machine.

Where I have it has worked sort-of-kind-of-OK-but-not quite.  And it is FULL!

The other problem is that I have cones of thread that I use and need to have these at hand.  I like to use these cones of thread. I use the 50 weight Aurifil for piecing – but many times this is also used on the longarm.

I am going to move my machine to the other side of the room and I will have the wall space under the window and to the left of it (where the tall CD towers are and where the picture is on the wall).

Here are my questions

  • what do you use for your thread?
  • where do you have your thread in relation to your sewing machine?
  • are there any cool ideas out there that you have seen and would like to try?

6 thoughts on “Studio Reorganization – Part 1

  1. I have tried the hanging thread racks on a wall with a piece of fabric over them but I found it to be a bit annoying. I keep all of my thread in some type of container to protect from the elements and keep them as close as possible to the appropriate sewing station. My machine embroidery thread is in clear plastic containers and sorted by color number on a shelf in my sewing room and my longarm quilting thread is on a shelf next to my la in a different room. My la thread is separated by manufacturer/weight/type. My serger thread is in a plastic storage cart on wheels next to my serger table and my regular sewing/piecing thread is in drawers that slides under my sewing table (Bernina table). When I want a particular color of poly thread for la quilting, I can easily retrieve that from my embroidery thread stash if I do not have it in my la room. None of my sewing stations are facing a wall, although I may have one side of a table pushed up against the wall..I'm always facing out when working.


  2. I agree with Daria too. Turn that sewing machine so that you're facing into the room, and not at the wall. My thread is in one of those plastic storage carts on wheels, with all the drawers. It sits under my sewing table, to the right of my machine.


  3. I like Daria's idea too, about turning the sewing machine table.
    I keep my thread separated by color in Ziploc bags in a big drawer next to my sewing machine. I used to separate cotton from poly thread, but not anymore. I do keep them separated by weight though. All the heavier threads (more than 50 wt) in a different drawer…Works for me! Keeps the dust n light away, too.


  4. Just a suggestion … looking at the picture of your sewing machine, giving your desk a quarter turn would let you look out over your room instead of looking at the wall. I did that in my sewing room and I think it helped so much. Hope this helps.
    Daria – PS – be kind to yourself… it is hard settling into a new space!


  5. Have you considered A 4 by 8 sheet of Peg board for your thread, scissors, rotary cutters etc… When I had the wall space above my machine I mounted a sheet so that the bottom edge was level with my table top, and hung my extra cutting mats from short pegs on the bottom row, and filled out the bottom with rulers . The cone threads worked well on 6″ pegs, and shorter ones for regular spools


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