Bernie Longarm – Christmas in Switzerland and Germany

The holiday time is a special time of year here in Switzerland and in neighboring Germany.  Here in Steckborn (the home of Bernina Sewing Machines) the town is a gingerbread fairy tale of charming buildings.  


And they are simple and engaging decorations throughout the town.



Here at the small hotel we are staying at an Advent Wreath graces the entrance. Here the candles are the traditional red for this region.  Bernine Longarm is having a little rest near the wreath

Another tradition here is that of the Advent Calendar – here is one in a store window – each ornament is filled with a little chocolate – one chocolate per day leading up to Christmas. (I think this would be total torture – only one chocolate per day???)

Another long standing tradition – dating from the 1300s is that of the Weihnachtsmarkt or Christmas Market.  

It is a time for everyone – but a magical time for Children.

Yes they are riding real ponies.

Christmas Markets happen for the entire time of Advent in German towns – and the tradition has spread to neighboring countries.   Vendors from the area are selling various crafts and food items.  The selection is astounding.  

Crafts abound….

And Christmas Ornaments (yep picked up a few)

And food…..

And you can 
grab a bratwurst along the way – or some freshly roasted pork (it was yummy).

Another tradition is Glühwein. It is mulled red wine (hot wine with spices) sometimes with another liquor (Amaretto,  Grappa, etc…) Recently a new tradition is that of mulled white wine.  

And the market is filled with music – enjoy this holiday carol

Merry Chritmas from Switzerland and Germany!


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