Bernie Longarm – A Swiss Breakfast

Longarm Bernine apologizes – Jet Lag really hit him hard -as you can see by this first picture – he looks rather pale.

But after some rest he has finally gotten some color – here he is sipping up his morning coffee at the Frohsinn Hotel in Steckborn.

So what is breakfast like here?  – Well as you can see a VERY VERY GOOD cup of coffee.

And a nice selection of breads and croissants.

And a a little bit of meat – it is sliced ham and some other deli meat – very similar to what he would get in the USA -but tastes so much better here for some reason. And a plate of fruit – Bernie has fallen in love with the pears.

And a nice selection of cheese – oh my, oh my – the cheese is SO SO SO SO GOOD ( yes Bernine loves the cheese) – By the way the butter is yummy too!

And then a choice of Yogurt and two different Granolas (One that has some honey or something to make it all lumpy and yummy and another option of just the grains and fruit for those that don’t want the first option. The front bowl on the lower left is granola mixed with yogurt (Bernine likes this because it is a one scoop breakfast)

And a nice selection of jams (pretty blue crocks) to put on the yummy bread with the yummy butter. (Oh the Cherry Jam is ……….. words do not exist to describe)

And as he eats breakfast he can gaze at Germany just across Lake Konstanz.

So this breakfast is a bit different that what Bernine would have in the USA – but it is great because it gives him the energy to work long and hard at the testing he has come over here to do at the Bernina Factory!  Check back for Bernine’s adventures at a Christmas Market!


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