The Adventures of Bernie Longarm – Part 1

Well, Bernie and I made it here but barely. The flight from Chicago to Buffalo was delayed (because of problems in Chicago), so my flight to Chicago was delayed. Well I landed with a total of 40 minutes at O’hare airport. I got off the plane, ran through Terminal # 1, to the monorail train, into terminal #5, went through security (why did I have the slowest person in front of me) and then onto the plane.  I made it with about 5 minutes to spare.

Shortly after takeoff we were greeted with these tasty little pretzels on Swiss Air – aren’t they fun.

And the choice was wine or a coke – so I took the wine (same price – FREE!).  This helped settle my nerves

Then a tasty dinner came (with some more wine) and then a little rest through the flight.

Also – love the packaging on the Salt and Pepper and Sugar packets – I can see another  Red and White quilt in the future

When I exited the aircraft and entered the terminal I thought I might see an add for some wonderful Swiss Chocolate – but look what greeted me.

Off we went on a drive from Zurich to Steckborn – and Steckborn is a sweet little town. I promise to take some pictures and post them tomorrow.  We checked into our Bed and Breakfast Hotel and freshened up and then headed off to the Bernina Factory.  And boy do I have things to ……. OPPS —- Can’t do that!!!!!!!!

On the way there we stopped in the local grocery store to pick up some lunch and what did I spy but some tasty looking Christmas Cookies – I didn’t buy them yet – but I think those stars will become a purchase in a day or so.

After a delightful dinner with the testing team I am back at my room ready to crash for the night – as you can see – Bernie beat me to the punch and if I don’t hurry he is going to nibble on that chocolate!

I hope to give Bernie a little more definition tomorrow – and start decorating him up with some threads!  So stay tuned for a little bit of Switzerland.


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