The Great Swiss Adventure Begins

Well, in just a few hours I board a plane in Buffalo, NY that will take me to Chicago, then switch planes and fly to Zurich.  I will arrive there tomorrow morning (Dec 4) and then head to Steckborn, Switzerland and the Bernina Headquarters.  Why – well as some of you know – I am going to be one of the testers on their new Longarm Machine.

While I won’t be able to tell you details about the testing I will be able to share about my adventures in Switzerland. To help me out I thought I would take along my own version of Flat Stanley. I had a little naming contest on my blog to come up with a quilting name for Flat Stanley.  And the Jude Mathena-Fishell submitted the winning name  –  Bernie Longarm.   Jude will receive a little something from Switzerland!

I was going to make my version out of fabric and have fun fusing and stitching and this and that. Well – yep ran out of time, so I am going a different route. I am going to embroider Bernie Longarm as the trip progresses.

I am using one of Pepper Cory’s new Peppered Cottons for the background (Oyster) and I am taking along Victoria Findlay Wolf’s Aurifil Thread Collection to do the embellishing – well I just had to add a few other spools of Aurifil that I had hanging around.  Hopefully by the end of my trip this month Bernine Longarm will be all stitched out.  I hope to have some fun with his shirt and pants and tie!!!!!

And I am going to take along a few other projects – a Sashiko project I started recently —

—- and I pulled out an old Hexie project that has been sitting around.  I had some left over Hexie Flower Centers from my Hexi-Flower Foursome Quilt I did for McCall’s Quilting Magazine. So I thought I would make a bunch more and make something (what that something is – I don’t yet know.)

Stay tuned to this blog for My Great Swiss Adventure and the travels of Bernie Longarm!


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