Going on a Great Adventure

Early in October I responded to a query from Bernina Sewing Machines.  They are developing a Longarm Quilting machine and were looking for testers. I thought – “Well, what do I have to loose” so I sent an email.  Long story made short – I was chosen to be one of the testers.

I am excited about participating in this project.  I saw a sample of the machine this year at Quilt Market.  There are a lot of neat features on this machine and I can’t wait to see how they work.

And the exciting part about all if this is that I have to travel to Switzerland to participate in the testing program. Who knew that I would have to leave NYC to have an opportunity to do some work in Switzerland!  Yes that’s right in a little over a week I will be boarding a plane and heading across the great big ocean to the Bernina headquarters in Steckborn, Switzerland.

Steckborn is a small town northeast of Zurich – right on the border with Germany. (in 1998 the population was listed as 3,442 – I think there were more people living in my apartment building in NYC!)

Steckborn is where the “A” is in the top-middle of the map
It appears to be a quaint town along the Rhine River and Lake Constance.   The pictures that I have been able to find are from summertime – it be a snowy scene when I am there (stay tuned for those pictures).

I am also excited to be able to be in Switzerland around the holiday time.  I can’t wait to explore the holiday markets and do some Christmas Shopping.

This is a picture of the Christmas Market in Bern

I have learned many times over that having the attitude “What do I have to loose” has opened many doors.  What could happen – the other party could say no, or I failed at what I tried, the flip side is that they could say yes, or I learn that I could do something that I didn’t think was possible. I am happy that I said “Why not – what do I have to loose”  in this circumstance.  

Stay tuned for posts about my adventures from Switzerland.  While I won’t be able to share with you what we are doing in the testing program I will be able to give you a glimpse at a quilters life on the road and my experiences in Switzerland.

So a little contest – I am going to take my own version of Flat Stanley along with me and take shots of him in various locations.  But – he needs a Quilty name or even better a Longarm Quilty name.  So, leave a comment with a proposed name by November 29th. A panel of secret judges will help me pick a name on November 30th – and watch for the announcement early the next week as my yet to be named flat quilter heads off to Switzerland – and the prize  – well, not sure yet but it will be something special I pick up along the way in Switzerland.  So, let the naming begin.


15 thoughts on “Going on a Great Adventure

  1. Forget the name – I am so excited for you to be going on such a big adventure!! I own a Bernina 830 and love it. I hope you have great results with the Bernina long arm you are testing. I don't own a long arm and haven't planned on buying one, but if Bernina is putting one out, I just might go for it! Have fun! I'm 1/2 Swedish and would love to be traveling with you. Hope the LA machine is wonderful. Let us know.


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