Classic Modern Quilts – 21st Century Spider Web Block

It has been great fun visiting the other blogs earlier this week and seeing how the other designers approached their quilt designs. (And I enjoyed looking at some of their other blog posts to see what they have been up to – all great stuff – but I digress).  Today I have a chance to share some insights into my quilt Pinwheels.  

I have to admit that “naming” quilts is not my favorite thing to do. Sometimes a name can pop into my head – other times it is agony trying to come-up with something. But in this case it was easy- the quilt when it was finished reminded me of those little pinwheel spinning thingies I had as a kid.

A little back-story about choosing the blocks.  We were sent this grid of blocks from the Kansas City Star Collection – and they sure do have a great collection of blocks.  I had wanted to play around with the Kaleidscope and Spider Web blocks for a while, and when I saw the Spider Web block in the list, I snagged it..

I started playing around with different strip sets and figuring out how things might look.  Paper and pencil are my first “go-tos” and then I move to Electric Quilt (I have EQ 7) to fine tune the design and play with colors.

I was also looking at how could I bring the fabric from the sashing and the corner triangles more into the block.  By making the sashing strips the same color as the neutral background fabric it the block it makes the block appear to float on the quilt and helps the edges of the block to disappear. Here is the quilt in process on my design wall

The fabric: – I had been working with the Spin line of basics from Windham Fabrics. I just love the white tonals they have and also the bright primary colors and contemporary tonal prints – they seemed like a prefect match.

Then the next task was – how do I cut out the different components. Do I make plastic templates or I was wondering if there was a speciality ruler out there.  Luckily I found out that Marti Michell had a ruler that would cut out the wedges and cut out the corner triangles (The book gives you a template for the wedge shape and tells you the exact size for the corner triangles).  I like working with this ruler – it was so easy to use and it would  also allow me (in the future) to play around with different sizes for the block.

And there is  TRIPLE- TRIPLETRIPLE  give-away today.  Leave a comment below and you have a chance to win a copy of the book, a second lucky person will winl a set of Marti Michell Kaleido Rulers (large AND small)

AND  for another wonderful prize from Marmalade Fabrics.

She is giving away a fabric pack that gives you enough fabric to MAKE THE QUILT!!!!

The Pinwheels Quilt Bundle includes
2/3 yard of red solid  
2/3 yard of green solid 
1/3 yard of pink solid 
1/3 yard of purple solid 
3/4 yard of yellow solid 
1/2 yard of blue solid 
6 yards of white for background and binding (All solids are Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids)
 TRIPLE- TRIPLE –TRIPLE  give-away today
So  how do you get a chance to win all of these prizes?  First of all, for the book and ruler give away you must leave a comment below, 2 winners will be randomly picked at the end of the tour (1 person wins a book, the second wins a ruler set)  And what is that comment???? Since Thanksgiving is around the corner – answer the question that everyone wants to know.
At Thanksgiving Dinner if you serve Cranberry Sauce/Relish is it the kind with the ridges (yes the canned variety) or do you make your own (if you do, would you care to share your recipe?)
Now for the fabric bundle you have to – visit Tammy Vasser’s  blog and leave a comment there.
In case you are just jointing the hop – check out the previous posts and look ahead to the other designers. (don’t forget to leave comments on the various blog posts so you can win on their blog!

98 thoughts on “Classic Modern Quilts – 21st Century Spider Web Block

  1. I like to make my own but if I don't have time, I open a can of the one with whole berry, smush it around in a crystal dish and thank anyone who says they like the sauce. I don't give out the recipe though 🙂


  2. Your question is too funny! I am slightly embarrassed that we use the canned variety. My daughter loves it. I saw a a new “canned” variety in the store this year that was packaged in a juice box type container.


  3. I have made one with a touch of oranges added, but some in my family are not very adventurous ( led by my husband). So we always have the canned jellied version with an occasion appearance of my preferred homemade version. Thanks for such generous giveaways and your great interpretation. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet


  4. Loving this blog tour and all the beautiful things you folks are doing. I make my own cranberry dish. I don't have the recipe handy but it is ground cranberries, ground oranges, raspberry jello, pecans and sugar. Will post recipe here in a bit. Thanks for a chance to win, love books and love rulers.


  5. Great block and nice bold colors. Perfect that you found a ruler that worked for your block. I have not used a ruler that shape before but would sure love to try, hehe. The book looks amazing and am enjoying all the quilts. We usually have both kinds, canned, whole berries and the jelly. After reading all the comments maybe I'll try and make my own this year. Thanks for inspiring me! hehe

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.



  6. I like to make my own but when I have been rushed I have bought either the canned or a deli variety. I prefer a chunky relish. I ate a yummy cranberry relish the other night that had jalapeños in it. I would love to have that recipe! Thanks for the give-a-way.


  7. canned! It's a must! It doesnt feel like thanksgiving without it. I usually make some sort of creative fresh version too but no matter what the staples are always the biggest hit at the table. Thanks so much for the chance to win! nicole (nicole at lillyella dot com)


  8. I buy the canned variety that's more like homemade (without ridges) – made by same people as the ridges. But I've only made TG dinner twice. Maybe next time I'll make the homemade kind. Thanks for the giveaway.


  9. We don't serve it any more. My mom used to make it from scratch but the only person that ate it was my dad. My mom has passed away and I have no idea even how to make it. He also likes the canned variety so we use that too. I do have a great cake recipe that uses cranberries though!


  10. Hah, we had Thanksgiving last month (Canada)! And it was a very laid back weekend, no turkey. But if I do make sauce, I use a half-package of Ocean Spray cranberries (I buy the fresh ones in the produce section and freeze them too for making muffins all year), about a half cup of orange juice, simmer to pop the berries, then add a quarter-cup of sugar. It is so simple and much better than the canned stuff.


  11. Definitely from scratch. It's pretty simple–stir together cranberries, sugar, orange and lemon zests, raisins, and bourbon (or rum), and let it sit for half an hour or so, stirring every once in a while. Then simmer until about half of the berries have burst. It sets as it cools. Absolutely delicious on toast the next day.


  12. I make my own cranberry sauce, which is super easy. Cranberries simmered in fresh orange juice with cinnamon sticks and cloves. Slow and long. I add some orange zest at the end, and that's it. And then I slide the smooth cranberry sauce out of the can just like my mom did, and make the thick, even slices that I remember from my childhood.


  13. Being Canadian, Thanksgiving has passed … but this year I made a spiced cranberry chutney, which was delicious. Unfortunately, I have way too many cookbooks and may never be able to find the recipe again. It may have even been on the internet. Anyway, I'm a “homemade” person, and always interested in trying something non-traditional! Thank you for the giveaways! I love that block, and would love to play with those templates …


  14. Not only do we have to use the canned version, but it must retain its “can shape” on the serving plate. My hubby doesn't have many strange requests, so I happy indulge this one 🙂 Love your quilt – so striking!


  15. Love the colors! I do serve cranberry sauce – even if I am the only one that likes it! It is homemade from my local butcher shop with yummy bits of orange in it. Thanks for the giveaways!


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