Classic Modern Quilts Blog Tour

As you know the book Classic Modern Quilts  from Kansas City Star is hitting the shelves.   It debuted at Market in Houston TX this past month and everyone loved it.  Here are four of us at the Schoolhouse which featured the book.

Heather Kojan, Tammie Schaeffer, Lisa Calle, John Kubiniec

Now is your chance to get an inside peak into the designers featured in the book!!!!

Starting next week is a blog hop – each of us who have a quilt in the book will be posting a little something and our quilt.  And there will be give aways – free copies of the book and other great stuff!!! So, don’t miss out – mark your calendar, spread the word and join in the the hop.

Nov. 11: Lisa Calle
Nov. 12: Lynne Goldsworthy,
Nov. 13: Lauren Hunt,
Nov. 14: Heather Kojan,  
Nov. 15: John Kubiniec,
Nov. 18: Adrianne Ove,
Nov. 19: Trisch Price,
Nov. 20: Tammie Schaffer,  Tia Curtis,
Nov. 21: Amy Smart,
Nov. 22: Susan Strong,

You might just be the lucky follower who wins a special prize!


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