The Book – It’s Here!!!!!!

I received a nice little present in the mail yesterday – a box containing copies of the new book from Kansas City Star under their new imprint My Stars.

The book Classic Modern Quilts features quilts from ten designers.  We were given the task of taking one of the classic Kansas City Star quilt blocks and giving it a bit of a Modern twist.

I chose the Spider Web Block – Fourth row from the top – last block on the right.

I had fun playing around with different arrangements for the strip sets and seeing what would happen.  It seems like there is no limit to what someone can do.  Here is a shot of the quilt in progress on my design wall at my apartment in NYC. (yes those are newspapers and packing boxes on the floor – I was also in the midst of packing my apartment to move while making the quilt!)

The block was a lot of fun to play with and working with the Marti Michell Kaleido Ruler made cutting and sewing the block a breeze. The fabric I used for the quilt is the Spin line from Windham Fabrics

The book is a visual delight. They really outdid themselves with the photography.

Another treat is that each of us was asked to define “Modern Quilting” – well as you can guess there is a lot of variety in our answers – but also a lot in common.  But then I can’t spill the beans on what we say – you have to pick up a copy of the book and read for yourself!

Finally the book has 10 wonderful quilts that you can make – but those 10 quilts are also a wonderful design lab for the quilter in seeing how YOU might take another block and make it YOUR own.  The fall weather is upon us – pick-up the book, pick up your favorite beverage, and browse through the book and let your creative imagination kick in gear.

CLICK HERE for more information about the book. Ask your local quilt store to stock the book.

If you happen to be coming to Quilt Market this week (or tell your shop owner!) Stop by our Schoolhouse on Friday afternoon at 5:45 in room 381 C and by the Kansas City Star Booth (# 2046) on Sunday at 12:30 pm for a book signing.


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