Putting it Together – THE BOOKS!

You never really realize how many books you have until you have to pack them and then unpack them.  Well, I finally have unpacked all my quilt book I think – there are a few mystery boxes of “don’t know what’s inside”- so a few more might show up.  My task yesterday was to organize my bookcases.

(FYI – the wires etc hanging down on the left are from the lighting I had on the bookcases in NYC – not sure if it will work here, but I am going to try and fit some of it in.)

My friend Michelle Tade Banton asked me on Facebook – how did I organize mine – by author, publisher, color, size, or ??????

I organize mine according to topic/technique.  When I am working on a project  or getting ready to teach or develop a class I need a book that has a particular focus.  So, I have several sections. The bookcases are from IKEA

So I have a section that contains some of my books on historical and state quilt books.

And a section that has resources for basic block patterns

And a section that deals with basic quilting techniques

And a section for embroidery/beading/sashimi

Above those books I have my various supplies stored (small scissors, needles, embroidery threads and beads.) I have to pull out my label maker and make some new labels for these boxes – some things got rearranged – I wanted to do this back in NYC but never got to it – so going to do it now.

I have them in these great bamboo containers that I purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond in NYC – I also found them at the Container Store in NYC. They hide some of the mess but are also great because you can pull them out and carry them to where you are working.

I have a section that has my Applique books and a stack of my Quiltmania magazines (can’t part with those) and a few Marti Michell resources (love her stuff)

I have a section which has various books on various techniques (yes – that is MY Fisher Price music box from when I was a child – and YES it still works!)

I have collected a lot of old plant containers over the  years – in NYC I had them on a shelf in my bathroom as decoration. Here I am going to try and use them for some storage.  So I have one sitting on some books and it contains some reproduction charm packs.

Just noticed – wouldn’t that design on the flower pot make a great background filler quilting design?? (Look for ideas EVERYWHERE!)

And on top of my bookcase I have a doll my brother brought back from Japan when he was stationed there in the 60s when he was in the Air Force.  Next to it on the left are some Shaker Reproduction boxes that I have purchased at various shows – and they contain some goodies – on the right is a basket I bought in Amish Country in Lancaster and right now it has my cones of Aurifil Thtread.

There are more sections – my Japanese Quilt magazines, Kaffe books, Amish/Mennonite books, Quilting patterns/Longarm quilting etc….

You ask what is behind the doors – well – that is where I stash some of my stash – but you will have to wait for that reveal!


2 thoughts on “Putting it Together – THE BOOKS!

  1. Don't know if you do this or not, but I have software called Delicious library that lets me scan in the book's barcode and enters it into a database with a photo of the book and all its pertinent info. It even let's me 'check out' books to my friends. The scary part is that I know that I have over 700 books. Sounds like you are really enjoying your new studio.


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