The Big Move

You may know that for the past 18 years I have lived in New York City – I moved there thinking I might stay there one or two, maybe three years at the max.  How did it happen that I was there for 18?  Well I had a good run in NYC doing great things. But it came time to leave the big city and move elsewhere.  Time to leave the crazy pace of Manhattan and find some more space where I could spread out and do my work. So Ray and I packed up our stuff (he lived there for 38 years) and moved to Rochester, NY.

I am originally from the Buffalo, NY area and I lived in Rochester for a period of time. It is a beautiful part of NY State and a great city.  So pack up we did.

The boxes were piled high in my apartment.

Then the movers came and started moving things out.

Leave it to me to find beauty and design ideas in moving blankets!

Then it was empty!



The final few precious things await the car for the drive to Rochester.

Alas, the last sunset from my apartment in midtown Manhattan.

The next day the trucks arrived (one from Ray’s apartment, one from mine – NO they were not both full, only about half-full!

And the boxes began to find a new home

And more boxes…..

And more boxes…..

Where did they all come from???  (I think something happened between all these boxes in the van – especially the fabric –  there seem to be more here than there were in NYC)

The trucks are empty.

Now the task of unpacking begins and the fun of setting up my sewing studio.  (Yes this is a shot of what the studio looked like on moving day – it’s not much better today!)

Things are great and we are loving our new home.  Stay tuned for unpack the studio!!!!


4 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Hehehe. You never know just how much stuff you have until it is all in boxes and those boxes are together. Enjoy the unpacking, if that is even possible. And welcome back to Upstate.


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