Decisions, Decisions, Decisions……

Well the boxes are all packed – I hope I can find everything on the other end.

The movers arrive tomorrow to pick-up everything and then many decisions need to be made.  I have a great open space that I am going to turn into my sewing/quilting studio.

But there are a lot of choices that I need to make

  • Where to I put the longarm
  • What wall would be best for all of my storage cabinets
  • What kind of a cutting table should I build (BIG I HOPE!)
  • Where does the design wall go
  • Do I have my computer and “office” in the same place as my sewing area
  • What kind of lighting do I put in  (the lighting needs to be seriously upgraded in the site)
  • But the first bit question is – what color should I paint the studio. Right now it is a nice creamy darkish tan – it make the room fee cozy, but not great for working with fabrics and seeing colors.
First of all – it is in the basement (the basement has been nicknamed the “QC” (Quilting Cave)
But the room is nice and big and there is some natural light
So the big question of the day is – what color????
  • pure white
  • a shade of grey – if grey what shade
  • a light beige
  • a light taupe
So – if you could pick any color – what color would you choose and why?

10 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions……

  1. I honestly wouldn't pick White. To me it is too stark and reminder of bland apartment living even though it has been a while since I've done that. When I painted my studio recently I chose Behr's Vanilla Custard. It is the palest Yellow that almost looks White at times and I love it. The other option I considered is Benjamin Moore's Linen White. It is the best creamy White I've ever seen and I had it in my rooms in my former house. Good luck choosing.


  2. I always go with white for my studio space. I have 3 big windows but the room is so full od stuff that I need every bit of white to get as much light as possible in the space.


  3. White is the best choice. I too have a QC with large egress windows down one entire side of my studio and the only color that works is white.Then lots and lots of lighting…no shadows. I too thought my natural light would be a plus but discovered it was not enough. As you make this a real working QC, you will find you will make many changes before it works for you. I can't wait to see how you create your space.


  4. My studio walls are green. Wait-my whole house is green-I guess I just like green! I'd go with an antique white if I could re-paint and then cover it with beautiful bright quilts! Love your beautiful big space!


  5. My walls are light beige but I have much more natural light and a white ceiling. My design wall is a mottled gray flannel at right angle to sewing machine. Makes it easy to pull sections down, sew and return to wall to keep design consistent.


  6. I say pick several whites or ivories that you like and then paint the 3×3 swatch on the wall and observe all the different whites in all the different lights you will have. You just can't say one color. I have a different color on the south end of the house than the north end. Its amazing what a difference lights make. Also, google long arm lighting because I saw a really great blog from a lady whose husband made her overhead lights and she posted instructions. I'm sure you'll be able to find it. My quilt studio is still the same carribean soft blue/green is was when it was the bedroom. I'm in no position to paint right now, but when I do, it will probably be a soft white .Best wishes in your new home!


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