Hello – Rochester, NY!

Today I had a great time at Patricias’ Fabric House in East Rochester, NY.  This is one of the locations in which I will be teaching.  Twice a year the store sponsors a quilt show that allows area quilters to display what they have made, and…… there are great deals in the store! (YES SALE PRICES!!!)

Catherine “Kitty” Keller has been running the store for the past 36 years. I was able to set up a little corner to show some of my quilts and to advertise the various classes I will be teaching there this fall.  Here I am with Kitty in front of my display at the show.

They take over the hallways in a neighboring office area in the complex where the store is located and hang the quilts.  It is a great use of the space and a great way to show off the quilts and have it near the store.

The store has a wide selection of fabrics and has plenty of samples hanging to give everyone idea. And the staff is top notch!

I look forward to teaching there this fall – and I hope to see some of you in my classes!  CLICK HERE and then click on the classes tab on the left to check out the classes that the store offers.


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