Big Rig is Hitting the Road!

Eighteen years ago I moved to New York City for a job.  I came here thinking that I would give it a try,  if I didn’t care for the job I at least would live in NYC for a year and have time to explore all that it had to offer, at the very most I might stay three years.   Well, little did I expect that eighteen years later I would still be living here.  It has been a great eighteen years and NYC has been great to me, but it’s time to move on.

As quilting has become more and more a part of my life and how I make my living I needed more room to work.  Working out of my 600 square foot apartment just wasn’t working any more.   My living room became my studio. And alas the rents in NYC are far from affordable so that I couldn’t afford a separate studio space or a larger apartment – so it was time to make a move.   My partner and I talked things over about where to move and we settled on Rochester, NY. I had lived there for a number of years and my family lives in nearby Buffalo.  Ray (a professional harpist) had some friends who also lived there and also had some good professional contacts.

Right now this is my home…..

And soon it will be looking like this…..

Presently this is the view from my kitchen window…..

Soon it will be like this……

These are some other shots of my neighborhood in NYC…..

And another shot of the backyard in Rochester.

Yes –   some big changes,  and one of the ones that I am looking forward to is a new studio space.

This is where I presently work …… (my former living room)  NOTE:  The couch that is in the left corner of the picture found a new home shortly after that picture was taken – it was replaced with a cutting table.

This is my new studio space, the finished basement of the new house. It has been nicknamed “The Quilting Cave”  The new studio space is almost the size (if not a bit bigger) than my present apartment. Here is the main room where I will put my longarm machine, cutting table, design wall and sewing

This area will become my office area where I will have my computer.

I look forward to settling into the new studio space.  I also look forward to teaching at some great quilt stores in Rochester and the Finger Lakes Region of NY State – stay tuned for profiles on my new teaching locations!
Rochester here I come!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Big Rig is Hitting the Road!

  1. Loved seeing your new space it's just heavenly after apartment living as we both know! Good luck with the move and all the changes that brings and hope to catch up with you on those visits back to The City Quilter! 🙂


  2. NY is a nice place to visit but space is more important' especially a quilter and a long arm at that. My first remembrance walking all over NY and got back to room and washed my hands and face and what a shock all the dirt that came off so give me the kind of clean air we do have in the country. My country is now becoming a city too


  3. You will love the new home and the new space. I am surprised you lasted that long with only 600 sq ft. I have an 1800 sq ft home here in Oregon that I run my business out of also, and I am sooo cramped. I am thinking about building an outbuilding to house the business and reclaim my home!!


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