Design Wall Monday – 17 September 2012

Hello everyone – I am back online and posting!   Here is what I am working on now – these are some samples for a Kaleidoscope Class I will be teaching in a few months.

I am using Marti Michell’s Kaleido Ruler to construct the blocks – this handy tool makes cutting the wedges and corner triangles a breeze!
I must confess – I am getting addicted to this block.  This could be a good stash buster block – but to bust my stash I would need to be making these blocks for many many years!
My goal for today is to finish sewing the top set of blocks together for the body of the quilt and then trying to figure out what to do for borders for each of them.  I think the Red/Gold one is going to get a piano key border – not sure about the top one – any ideas?????
Head on over to Judy’s blog to see what everyone else is up to!

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