Tool Box Tuesday – Modern Quilting Designs – Book Review

No matter if you are a longarm quilter or if you quilt on a domestic sewing machine this new book which features over 90 quilting designs would be a welcome addition to your library.  I would call this book a “design library” book.  It does not give advice on how to do longarm quilting  or domestic machine quilting, but rather it provides a wealth of line drawn designs.
The book begins with a section entitled Design Inspiration. In this section Bethany shows us how she takes a photograph – it might be a fern, it could be some jewelry – and uses it as inspiration for quilting designs. Personally, I have been collecting photos for this purpose but have never moved to the next step – this section is giving me the needed nudge to pull out some pictures and see what I can come up with.
The remainder of the book is what I would call a design library. Each of the subsequent sections: The Essentials Freehand Background Fillers), Doodle Away (Continuous-Line Designs), Showstoppers (Unusual, Fancy Continuous-Line Designs), Nature’s Patterns (Feathers, Ferns, Vines and Leaves), and Dynamic Focal Points (Medallions and Borders) present a wealth of different ideas. It is refreshing to see how Bethany has taken some designs we may have seen in the past and added her own look to them. She also gives us many new designs that we can use and adapt in our own work. The final section, Mix It Up (Design Combinations), was a great surprise and a welcome one. Here she shows how she might combine some of the designs presented in this book in a single quilt. By that I mean – a central design for the body of the quilt, a different design for the small narrow inner border, and finally a design for the other border.  I might not have thought of some of the combinations she presents – but guess what – they work!
This is a great book to have in your library and to pull off the shelf when you have “hit the wall” and don’t know what to do.  I think it can help spark your own creative imagination as you seek to develop and let your own quilting style grow and evolve.
The book is 111 pages long and is available in paper or as an E-Book from C&T Publishing



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