Tool Box Tuesday – Precision & Panache

I recently had the opportunity to meet and talk with Susan Cleveland at Quilt Market in Houston this fall.  She is a person whose love of quilting is infectious. Her new book Precision & Panache is a wonderful resource for quilters of all levels. (Note: All images in this blog post presented with the permission of Susan K. Cleveland)

When we were talking about this book she said she wrote it to answer all those questions she gets when she does workshops: “Susan, how do you do…..”  

This book is a great compilation of techniques and insights into how to add some character to your quilts – how to give them a little pizzaz and make them stand-out from all the others.  
For the newbie – there is great basic information on techniques that you can grow into. For the not-so-new quilter this book is a great refresher of techniques you learned early on (or never learned and should have) and new ideas to add interest to our quilts. 

So what will you learn……
        • how to cut accurately
        • machine appliqué
        • adding piping
        • embellishing
        • stitching with heavy threads
        • binding
        • prairie points
        • and much more…….
Susan first provides a clear and concise explanation of the specific technique.  The photographs included are great and leave no questions about what she intends. She then provides small projects that incorporate the various skills and techniques that she just presented. I love that – you can make something small to practice the technique and end up with a little something for yourself – or a nice little gift for someone. Then, if you like move onto a larger quilt to incorporate these techniques.

And – she provides directions on how to do these various techniques if you are  left-handed!!!

Here are images of some of the projects and techniques that you will find in the book.

Get a few of your quilting friends together, everyone get a copy of the book and then work on some of the techniques and projects together.  (IT IS NOT OK TO PHOTOCOPY AND SHARE)  What fun it will be to see how each of you can add your own take on Susan’s ideas. 

Ask for the book at your local quilt shop. If you can’t find it there – visit Susan’s website and order it there.

One of my goals for 2012 is to try new techniques and find new ideas to inspire me in my quilt designs.  I tried her recommendations for getting a perfect quarter-inch seam – and it works, not only do I get a perfect quarter-inch seam, but I don’t’ have problems with my fabric twisting to the right and getting less then perfect seam at the end of the stitching. I hope to try some of her projects – so stay tuned to see what I come up with!  
Precision & Panache: fine workmanship, fabulous details, outstanding quilts.
Susan K Cleveland
© 2011 Pieces Be With You

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