Design Wall Monday -26 December 2011

Well, there has been a little progress on my Red/Orange/Yellow winding ways – Christmas does have a way of putting a kink in my sewing schedule.

I am going to add one more row of blocks at the bottom.  I am not sure what colors to put into the missing sections – also considering putting a different color into the center “circle” – what are your thoughts?

Head over to Judy’s Blog to see what everyone else is doing!


9 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday -26 December 2011

  1. That is really pretty. I can see a couple of different colors used – depending on the look you are going for…. but you have great taste – whatever you choose will be awesome!


  2. This is visually stunning just as it is … I love it! The only thing I can think is a brilliant yellow…but it might be too competitive. It makes me mindful of flames; what about using a really pale tonal blue, like you sometimes see in a hot flame? This is really a good looking piece! 🙂


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