Big Rig on the Road – Sew Inspired – Simsbury, CT

Last month I had the opportunity to escape New York City for an overnight trip. We headed up to Simsbury, CT.  While Ray was off teaching a day long harp seminar I was left to wander the quaint town of Simsbury, CT.  Well I didn’t wander very much because most of my time was spent in a wonderful quilt store – Sew Inspired.

The shop is tucked away in a group of shops in the Fiddler’s Green at the corner of Hopmeadow and Wilcox Streets.

You step down a few stairs from the entrance to be welcomed by this great display outside of the store.

This great store is run by Viv and Sandy and a great group of other employees. These two women have a great sense of color and style. Their fabric selection is wonderful. They have over 4,000 blots of fabric – a great selection of Batiks! (Just one of the great things they do is put a tag on each new bolt of fabric so you can easily find all the new additions to the store)

In addition to the fabric they have a great selection of notions, patterns, and books.

They started out in a small store in the lower level, grew, moved to a larger space, and then later took back their original space and turned that into their classroom. (sorry didn’t get a picture of this but it is really nice!) They offer some great classes! You can rent out the classroom space for your own use or even your quilt group. They also have the Studio AccuQuilt in the class room and after taking a training session you can rent time on the machine to slice and dice those pieces for your quilt in no time!

They are also a Handi Quilter  dealer and offer great classes in quilting with top-notch teachers. Debby Brown was just there the weekend before I visited (DANG I missed her – she is a great teacher – look for her on an episode of  Quilt It! The Longarm Quilting Show on QNN next season!)

So if you are passing through Conneticutt this is a place you must visit – Fall is coming – it would be a great trip to see the leaves and buy some fabric.

We stayed across the street at a wonderful inn The Simsbury 1820 House – it’s great because you can walk to the store from the Inn (it’s right across the street). But you will want to drive to the shop – you won’t want to lug all your fabric purchases back across the street and up the hill – drive your car and you can easily take your fabric out to the car, dump them in the car, and then recharge by eating at one of the wonderful restaurants in Fiddler’s Green!  (and then most likely heading back to the shop to buy that one piece of fabric you know you really need and should have bought in the first round of buying!)


3 thoughts on “Big Rig on the Road – Sew Inspired – Simsbury, CT

  1. Coming over here for the first time, thinking you are a quilting trucker ;D I am, so the idea was not so far fetched….
    Still, despite of that, love to follow you, as a male quilter and artistic type. This post is going in my “Big Book of quiltshops in the USA” for the next time we will visit your beautifull country! Been there for 2 times now and think it's going to be our traveldestination for the rest of our lives….
    So, untill next time then?
    Bianca (a female quilting trucker ;-))))


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