Design Wall Monday

I had the chance to take two days of classes with Kaffe Fassett last week that were organized by Sally Davis. The first day we worked on his Big Bang quilt pattern from his book Caravan of Quilts. The second day we worked on a pattern from his new book that is coming out in September.

Here are a few shots of my quilt based on the Big Bang pattern

Here is a picture of the quilt from the second day. The pattern, Sunlight in the Forest, will be in his new book that is coming out in September. This one still needs a lot of work – stay tuned for a revised version of this quilt

I enjoyed the two days with Kaffe – it was a wonderful opportunity to work with him and gain a greater understanding of the use of color, value, and contrast. If you ever have the chance to take a class with him – do it! It is worth it.

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15 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday

  1. I was at the same workshop … what I wonderful experience. I found the Big Bang an easier design to work with. The second day's design (though supposed to be for beginners) has been more difficult for me. I've been re-working it and am a lot happier. Mine was one of those that Kaffe called a 'pond scum' palette!



  2. Wow! I love both projects. Although I am a bit of a quilt class junkie, I've never had the opportunity to take a workshop with Kaffe … I'm jealous! It looks like you had a very productive two days.


  3. Looks like a lot of fun!! Isn't it funny how the names that have become mythical to us turn out to be real, normal, people when we see them in class? 🙂 I love it.


  4. I love the fabrics that you have! The colors are so pretty and you have chosen them to interact with each other so well. Very nice. I would love to take a class someday!


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