McCall’s Design Star – My prize box arrived


A box arrived on Tuesday Morning from McCall’s with some wonderful goodies for being a runner up in the McCall’s Design Star Contest.

I received some fabric from Windham, Red Rooster, and Moda

A few more rulers from Olfa – love these frosted rulers. I received a frosted Olfa ruler in one of the earlier packages and love using it. I look forward to using these new ones.

A cutting mat and two rulers for cutting strips from June Tailor

And finally a Quilters Tote from June Tailor to carry all these wonderful things in!

Finally – two last pictures taken the night it was finished – they were both taken by Randy Duchaine. The first is one of me with my “halo”.

The second is a picture of Ray Pool and me standing in front of the quilt – Ray helped put food in front of me at dinner time and kept pushing me forward during the long hauls in the challenge! (He is a mean seam presser  – see all those log cabin blocks and the triangle blocks in the border – I was chain piecing those and he was slaving over a hot iron pressing the the blocks so I could add yet another row or triangle – he kept saying “Are we done for the night” – and I kept saying “Not yet!” – I think he was sorry he volunteered but I am glad he did!)

Thanks again to all of the industry sponsors who have been so generous with prize gifts and also thanks to all of you who have been so supportive of my work over the past 5 months! I look forward to sharing more with you in the months ahead.

Look for the July/August Issue of McCall’s Quilting – they will have an article about the winner of the contest -and something about all of us runner-ups!

Happy Quilting


5 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Star – My prize box arrived

  1. Congratulations, John! What a cool set of gifts you got. I hope you sign up for the next competition 'cause you're sure to win first place on that one!

    Mary Meredith


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