McCall’s Design Star – Quilting Polaris – Part 1

I am going to do a series (3) blog posts and will share with you how I did some of the quilting in  my quilt for the final round of the McCall’s Design Challenge

I first stabilized the quilt with in-the-ditch quilting – this quilting was both functional (in stabilizing the quilt), and decorative (adding quilting design.)

For all of my in-the-ditch quilting I used Aurifil 50/2 thread. For the darker colored fabric I used Black (2692) and for the lighter colored fabrics I used Grey (2605).

For my batting I used one layer of Quilters Dream Cotton Select as the bottom layer (next to the backing) and on top of that I placed a layer of Hobbs Heirloom Washable Wool Batting.  The combination of the two created nice depth and dimension.

This was quilted on a Handi Quilter 16 with a Pro-Stitcher. I did not use the Pro-Stitcher for the in-the-ditch quilting, but did use it for some other portions of the quilt.

I used the VersaTool by Handi Quilter to do all my in-the-ditch stitching.

I prefer this tool for in-the-ditch stitching. The indentations allowed me to have greater control in guiding my machine.  Also- the length of the quilting space was ample – in fact a good check. When I needed to reposition the tool – it was time for me to reposition myself (physically move my body) so that I was aligned properly with the machine head and had proper control over the quilting.

I purchased my VersaTool  through my Handi Quilter dealer The Quilt Basket. It is quarter inch thick and will work on all machines that require a template this thick.

First I made sure that I had my Ruler Base on the machine. This added a platform on which my VersaTool could rest. It gives support and stability.

The VersaTool has an indentation with quarter inch markings at both ends. I lined these etched marks up with my seam line,

Lined my hopping foot up with the corner

held the tool firmly (but not with a death grip!)

and stitched along the tool (SLOWLY!!)

When I came to the end I repositioned and continued to the corner seam.

I used my stitch regulator and had it set to 12 stitches/inch.

Next week (January 19) I will show you how I quilted the Lightning Bolt Border design. On January 26 I will have a post on  how I used the Pro-Stitcher and digital designs in this quilt.

The fabric in the quilt is from the Baltimore Album Collection by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics. 
I hope you will vote for the quilt in the McCall’s Design Star Contest. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

One thought on “McCall’s Design Star – Quilting Polaris – Part 1

  1. Oh love wool batting…….
    where did you learn all these fabulous techniques ;0)
    Debby has my Quiltmaker “scrap squad” quilt even as we speak……its all fun!

    Happy sewing


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