McCall’s Design Star – Race to the Finish – 30 December 2010

Yes, it is getting down to the wire for my entry in the McCall’s Design Star Challenge ! But the end is in sight. A special thanks to Fran and Murray at The Patchwork Co. in Windham, NY. for shipping out some more supplies to me on Christmas Eve. The fabric arrived on Monday (despite the blizzard in NYC!) and I have been busy sewing.

Here is the quilt top right now (it measures 66 x 66). The fabric is the Baltimore Album Collection by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics

I have some log cabin borders that I am playing around with.

I am trying to decide on what shade of yellow/gold to use to make things pop a bit.

What does the schedule look like?

Finish the quilt today and get it on the Handiquilter – and stabilize it (quilt in the ditch). If I am not too tired I will do some quilting tonight.

Tomorrow – finish the quilting and sew the binding on the top side (hopefully before 2011 arrives!)

Saturday – I am having a binding party – Some friends are coming over – everyone will take a side of the quilt and stitch the binding down.

Sunday – Do any last minute fixes that might be needed and box it up.

Monday – Ship it overnight mail to McCall’s in Colorado. Have a celebration dinner!

Tuesday – COLLAPSE.


7 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Star – Race to the Finish – 30 December 2010

  1. Oh my John…..
    I hope it is going well……
    Monday is my B'd and I'll be pulling for you to get to the post office in time…..
    any idea how many hours you have in this creation?
    I hope its a winner.

    Happy New Year


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