McCall’s Design Star – Race to the Finish – 21 December 2010

My revised schedule for the McCall’s Design Star Competition gives me 9 days to complete the entire quilt – can it be done??? Well, it has to be done – so YES!  My goal  is to ship it out no later than December 30th.

A recap of where I was yesterday morning.  This is what the quilt looked like on the wall yesterday morning.

And I still had several applique blocks to complete.

Yesterday I finished the reverse applique blocks (Another check off the to-do-list!) I decided to partially stitch the rows together so that I could have a better sense of what they looked like. My original plan of having them square off the quilt didn’t feel right – so I shifted gears and put them around the central medallion (after reverse appliqueing 50 blocks you can rest assured they would FIT somewhere!!!)  And I think it works –

Here is a close up of the border – the two rows are not yet sewn together..

I am testing out some colors for some spacer borders to adjust for the difference between the central medallion and the border.

This morning I plan on attaching the spacer borders. I am also going to prep the four inner corner blocks so that I can turn the corner – I am going to use the same blue fabric with a gold circle in the center. I am still playing around with a few ideas of  how to turn the corner on the outer/darker border. Here is a picture of the paper template positioned in place to give you an idea of how iI will turn the corner on the inner border.

The fabric for this quilt is the Baltimore Album Collection by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics

I have to head off to the last rehearsals with the choirs before Christmas – so not a lot of sewing is going to get done today. I hope the spirit of Santa’s Elves (that means all of you!) will be in my sewing room in spirit on Wednesday to help me push through so that I can finish this quilt. Goal: Finish the top by Dec 23rd! Wish me luck!

Some of you have asked about patterns for the quilts I have had in the competition. I am going to work on writing up the patterns after the first of the year – I will keep you posted about when/where they will be available.

In January I will give more background about Medallion Quilts – their history and development and resources that I found helpful in creating this quilt.


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