Design Wall Monday – McCall’s Design Star- December 20

OK – a few of you wrote to me to say that I was making you nervous about my finishing the quilt for the McCall’s Design Star Challenge – so if you were nervous last week – hang onto your seats this week.

A few things happened to delay my progress – a few customer quilts that needed to be done, regular church music work (’tis the season!) and a moment when I said “I don’t think that will really work, so I need to make it again.” (yes, I made another central medallion – I now will have a matching pillow for my quilt with the cast off!)

I am behind, but the plan is revised.I canceled my out of town trip to visit family next week – they said – “We were wondering how I was going to get the quilt done and come and visit later”. I called in reinforcements for some help – and I might do that again.

Here are two drawings of the quilt that are up on the wall and are a place that I go to scribble from time to time.

Here are some applique blocks that need to be stitched (getting this done as soon as I post this blog)

Here are some blocks that my friend Diane Rode Schneck stitched for me (THANK YOU!)

Here is a picture of my design wall as it looks this morning.

I remade the star medallion so that the fabrics in the split diamonds were angled in the same direction in all the points. Yes, fussy cutting. And I added a different background fabric to make the star pop out a bit more. Here is a close up of the paper pieced star point – stray threads are from another piece of fabric on the wall.

Now – today – finish the applique, sew the border around the star, and hopefully get the corner triangle blocks done!

Anyone in NYC next week – would you like to come by and take a side of the quilt and help me stitch the binding down.

Head over to Judy’s Blog to see what everyone else is doing.


9 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – McCall’s Design Star- December 20

  1. Looks great! I can't wait to see what you add next. The red background on the star is especially wonderful.

    (no, I'm not really on my computer; I'm laying down and working hard on recuperating, like I'm supposed to)


  2. I had to share this insight – my friend Leslie posted it on my facebook page:

    “I just spent 5 minutes staring at the star. It didn't get my tree any more decorated, but I had a blast. It's as if MC Escher and Rachel Yoder had a love child. Simply stunning.”


  3. I'm in NYC and would be happy to help stitch the binding down if you don't get enough volunteers. I know how nerve-wracking deadlines can be!


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