McCall’s Design Star – Tuesday Update – December 14

I am a little behind on my schedule – but have time built in for me to catch up. The hardest part (hopefully) is behind me. I finished the central medallion for the quilt.

Here is one of the first sketches of the central medallion.

Here is a final draft of the entire block – it measures 20 inches across. – the lines in the corner squares and triangles are ideas for quilting.

All of the diamond blocks were designed so they could be paper pieced. I photocopied one of the diamonds from the final draft and used it as my paper piecing pattern/template.

I used these fabrics for the star. But after I took this picture I swapped out the off-white for a red/white pattern. The fabric is the Baltimore Album Collection by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics

Here are a few of the finished points

Here are all the individual points on various backgrounds

Here is the finished central medallion.  I used the fabric in the upper right corner from the picture above. The other fabrics seemed a bit too dark and were too close in value to the star in the center of the quilt block.

I am going back and forth whether to leave it like this or set it on point. Playing around with ideas for the next border -maybe that will help me decide.

UPDATE – 10:30 AM – Dec 14

I  am going to add a 2.5 inch border around this block so that the next pieced border will fit.  And everyone hold your breath – for the next border I am crossing over into the world of Applique – Reverse Applique to be precise!


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