McCall’s Design Star – Hit the wall and bounce back

Early today I wrote down my timeline for the McCall’s Design Star final challenge – two pages long – but if I can keep up with it and not fall TOO far behind, I will be fine.

But all in all  today was a bit of a frustrating day – I was having problems drafting my quilt accurately – so I sort of hit that creative wall with a big THUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to have lunch with a former co-worker and that was a good spirit lifter, then I headed over to the American Folk Art Museum’s Branch at Lincoln Center to see the show of Superstars. It is an exhibit of Star Quilts and it is just wonderful. If you are in NYC – get there! If you are coming to NYC – it is a must see! If your answer to both of the previous questions was a “No, not in NYC, or not coming to NYC” – you need to change your plans and come to see this show (you don’t necessarily need to move here).  Here are a few shots of some of the quilts. This first quilt is in Blue and White – the Stars are made all from the same fabric.

This Yellow/Gold quilt is stunning and the quilting is well… you judge for yourself.

Here is one that I just love – it’s a crazy quilt.

I had been pondering an eight pointed star for the center of my quilt – and seeing this confirmed my choice.

Heading to the museum was the best thing I did today – cleared my head of confusion and helped me focus on the task at hand! Now to draft the star and hopefully sew some (or all of it tonight). If I accomplish this I will have met my goal for today.

When you hit that design “THUD” – what do you do?


One thought on “McCall’s Design Star – Hit the wall and bounce back

  1. I think that you did the best thing by taking a break and going to the museum. The star quilt exhibit is beautiful. Also seems like it got your creative juices flowing again. Thanks for sharing. Keep on keeping on.


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