McCall’s Design Star – Update – Dec 8

I said I would try and post something every Wednesday about the progress on my quilt for the Final Challenge in the McCall’s Design Star Challenge. And here it is – it might not be much – but this is what I have for you today. The first part of the week was taken up with ordering more fabric for the quilt (hope it arrives today) and looking through my thread cards to pick out thread for quilting. Aurifil has some thread that matches the fabrics I am using from the “Baltimore Album” line by Mary Koval for Windham Fabrics – so that order is going in today.

I have decided that I am going to do a Medallion Style Quilt. Here is the rough draft that you have seen

Yesterday I took my rough sketch and turned it into a more accurate rendering so that I could draft the individual blocks to size. The numbers in the diagram refer to the fabric (Windham Catalog Numbers). I decided to use the numbers instead of saying Gold or Red – just because there are so many varieties of gold and red.

Here is a close up of what one of the borders might look like.

I have been throwing around different ideas for the Central Medallion. One thought was to do some Machine Applique – but time is tight and I might just go with a central block. I dug through my OLD projects and pulled out some of the blocks from my VERY FIRST QUILT (that is still unfinished!). These were hand-pieced – one of them might serve as inspiration for what might end up in the center of the quilt

And when I arrived home last evening I found a package of goodies from McCall’s for making it into the finals – It included:

2 frosted rulers from Olfa! Thank you Olfa

A pretty box of Kaffe Fasset’s new thread from Rowan (the box is almost as pretty as the thread!)

And a Design Roll from Westminster Fabrics.

Today I am going to work on finishing up the draft of the quilt – tomorrow – Rotary cutter will be fitted with a new blade, cutting mat will be pulled out and the first slice into the fabric will be made!


4 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Star – Update – Dec 8

  1. i like the border idea. it gets the zigzag of your original quilt. the top hand pieced block echoes it too.
    it is so hard for me to 'TWIST” a pattern like that into something else. i don't think my mind works like that.


  2. Oh dear why do I keep hearing that clock ticking?
    Its gonna be a beauty but I hope you don't have to finish it in the car on the way out west to drop it off!
    Maybe it is my own holiday anxiety creeping over to your challenge :0).
    Okay John I am sending positive thoughts and cheering you on!!!

    Happy Sewing


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