McCall’s Design Contest – The Finals – Here I Come!

I just received word that I have advanced to the finals in the McCall’s Design Star Competition.  Thanks  to all of you who voted this past month and helped me to advance to the final round.

The month of December will be a long and busy month as I have to complete an entire quilt – not only the top. It has to be sewn, quilted and bound and in Colorado by 5 pm January 4.  Anyone willing to drive me cross country while I finish up the binding? I can have help – I have to design it but others can help me sew and finish the quilt – and I just might enlist some friends in the NYC area.

What do I have to do?  The rules are this:

I must re-invent the project that I submitted for the finalist selection process – click on this link to see the original entry- (Zig Zag Log Cabin).  This new quilt must be inspired by my original project but it can’t simply re-do the project in new fabrics.  It must be at least 24 x 24 or if another shape at lease 576 square inches.

Stay tuned – I will try and keep you abreast of any developments as I move forward!


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