Design Wall Monday – Christmas Piano Topper

First of all – thanks to everyone’s comments on my posting last week.  I am mulling over the various suggestions and will be digging through my stash of hand dyed fabric to find some things to add to the mix and spice things up!

OK – I don’t have a quilt to put up on my design wall this week but I am posting a Piano Topper that I started 3 or 4 years ago (after it being longer than one year unfinished – why even count!).  But as far as I can tell – I most likely started this in 2007. For Christmas that year, all of the panels were outlined in the yellow button hole stitch (done by my partner while he was on a trip) but not all the images were attached. I pinned on various ornaments to fill in the empty panels. For Christmas 2008 & 2009 it pretty much looked like this.

It was inspired by a Fireplace Mantel Scarf by Jan Speed in the November/December 2006 Fons & Porter Love of Quilting.  I took the general idea of the project and the shape of the various panels but added my different designs. The Santa (designed by Lyn Hosford) in the center is from the publication Wintergreen Threads by Need’l Love. The other designs are my own using free downloads, or cookie cutters, or my own drawings.

The botton to the right of  Santa is for a sign – on one side it says “naughty” the other side says “nice”  – you can see it in the full picture above – it got lost when this was packed away- so I need to make another one!

I thought these snow flakes would be cute – but then I started to embroider them onto the backing – what was I thinking?

For most of the button hole stitch I used No. 8 Presencia Thread.

For the pine branches on the ornament I used some hand dyed thread from Caron Thread (IT IS WONDERFUL!).

I plan on using the pine branch motif to embroider the panels to the top that sits on the piano. I hope that Christmas 2010 might finally see this finished.

Head on over to Judy’s Blog to see what everyone else is doing.


8 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – Christmas Piano Topper

  1. So good a feeling to finally finish a UFO from way too long ago. I had a finish like that, even longer than your 3 or 4 years, mine was nearly 10! Last year I finally finished a sequin Christmas Stocking that was the last of four I made for a coworkers family. Finally her mantel was complete. I love your piano topper.


  2. Nice stitching. A long term Christmas project means you didn't have to wonder what to work on for the next year. You'll need to find a new project after you finsh this one. Thanks for stopping by the ol' Blog. I forgot to mention that it is a Round Robin and I didn't make the center.


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