Design Wall Monday – November 15

Sorry to have been absent for a while – I was pulled away by another project. Now I am going through bins and finding some old friends that need attention.  Here is one that I started in a design class were we were looking at only using squares. This one is based on an Amish Quilt. I was originally going to stay with only Red for the dark color – but I ran out (OPPS!) and I think it needs another color. Not sure which way to go – maybe something blue or purple. The original had all black squares.

Stop over to Judy’s Blog to see what everyone else is doing!


11 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – November 15

  1. Look for a dark redish brown in your stash if you don't want to purchase more dark red. I'm not crazy about the bottom row middle block. It either needs more company in similar colors or another project to be part of as it draws too much attention to itself. An inner border of one of the lighter fabrics and then a wild large print that holds the quilt colors for a border would give it some real punch.


  2. ya know – I don't think it needs another color so much as it needs another value – it seems like you don't have many light lights or dark darks – I bet ya that will add the zing your looking for!!!


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