McCall’s Design Star Contest

I received an email last night that said I had advanced to Challenge 2 in the McCall’s Design Star Challenge. I am waiting to hear what the actual challenge will entail – I will know by Friday at the latest – so stop back later this week and find out what I will be trying to do next!

A special thanks to everyone who voted for my quilt and left comments on the McCall’s site and here on my blog.  I appreciate all of your support and encouragement. This contest has been a wonderful experience.

I am a bit of a contest show “Junkie” – I do watch Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars, The Next Food Network Star, and…..   On Dancing with the Stars – the contestants have a professional dance partner to teach them the dances, etc.  Here is a question for you  – if you were in a quilting contest and could have another quilter (Someone who is on the national scene or someone close to home) to be your assistant, muse, guide who would that be and why?  Leave your answer below.


9 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Star Contest

  1. Hey John how cool to see you in McCall's quilting magazine…good luck and congratulations for getting this far :0)………

    Well you know I think Debby's quilting is out of this world and watching her teach…. well she rocks! So yeah Debby Brown is my choice plus she is easy to work with and has vision when it comes to design.

    Happy Sewing


  2. Hey John, Congratulations! I would pick Diane Pryor-Holland. We've know each other of years and she's a fantastic quilter. We've worked together on a small group quilt recently, however, I would love to work on a big projec with just the two of us. We both love color and I think we could creat something fantastic.
    Show and Tell Chair, Empire QG


  3. Hands down it would be Jan Krenz. She is the best quilting instructor I have experience. She's smart, patient, talented, has a terrific eye for color. And she presses for her students. What more can you ask for. She could take the most complex pattern, break it down into it's simplest parts and walk you through creating a masterpiece.


  4. Congratulations! As to your question, I'd want Kimmy Bruner. Her sense of humor would keep me laughing and I'd make her quilt perfect feathers all over my quilt hiding all of the piecing imperfections!


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