McCall’s Design Star – Lost in New York

There is a series of recordings out entitled Lost in Boston. These CDs contain songs that were cut from some very famous Broadway Shows while they were doing their out-of-town runs before coming to New York City.  There are some great songs on these CDs, but they were cut because they just didn’t fit the show.

With the McCall’s Design Star Challenge 1 I had a design that just didn’t fit the timetable – I liked it a lot but I decided that I just didn’t have the time to find the right fabrics and sew the quilt top before the deadline. So, here is my contribution for a new series of quilt designs –  Lost in New York.

Each of these designs is made up of  two blocks – Steps to the Altar is # 394 in Maggie Malone’s 5,500 Quilt Block Designs and Swamp Angel is #1632 b in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

Steps to the Altar
Swamp Angel

All of the following designs were made by using the above two blocks with the coloring/values as presented above. I alternated the blocks in a checkerboard fashion and by simply turning individual blocks these patterns were created. I did this with the use of the EQ 6 Program (My EQ 7 is scheduled to arrive today!!) The blocks are 9 inches square – the quilt would measure 90 x 90.

If I had the time to get appropriate fabrics and sew all 100 blocks I would have made this design.

Here it is presented in another color-way.

And – don’t forget to vote for the quilt I did enter in the competition! Click on the icon in the right side bar to take you to the voting page.  And after you vote – please take a moment and leave a brief comment at the bottom of the page! Thanks

Stop back next Wednesday and I will show you how the various components of  my contest quilt went together – color placement deceives you – it might not be constructed as you think! See you next week.


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