McCall’s Design Star -Design Wall Monday-Sept 6

Some more progress was made on the quilt this past week for the McCall’s Design Star Challenge – this week I HAVE TO decide where all the parts are actually going and sew it – it’s due on Monday Night!  I know none of you have ever had to burn the midnight oil to finish a project – I hope that’s not the case here.

My two traditional blocks are the Four- Patch block and a block called Sunrise, Sunset (# 3729 in 5,550 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone and # 3302 in Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns  by Barbara Brackman).

Here is a picture of the Sunrise, Sunset block as I drafted it.  The drafted pattern has several other options that I was playing around with and discarded because they didn’t work or I realize I created a block that wasn’t in one of the books! (Just a few other quilts I can make when I have some  free time)

Here are all my templates cut out.

Some of my arcs all cut out and waiting for their trip to the design wall.

I am still playing around with the black and eggplant (Those were my favorites! I  just might use both of them in the quilt – they could create an interesting secondary pattern – we shall see as things progress on the wall this week!)

Here are a few pictures of the Sunrise, Sunset block with some of the four patches.

Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement – voting in the next round begins on September 16 so mark your calendars!!!

Stop by Judy’s Blog to see what everyone else is doing.

And – a little give away possibility….Stop by Alyn Carlson’s Blog  and have a look around.  Alyn designed my Big Rig Quilting Logo.  She has some wonderful posts on her blog that are a great source for inspiration – it might be a poem to start off the week, or a reflection on a particular color, or – you just never know. She is having an upcoming show and is trying to build her follower list with a little art give away! – so if at least 3 of you decide to follow her blog (tell her Big Rig John sent you) I can get a little piece of art – and then if you can get 3 folks – YOU TOO can get one of her wonderful creations – the offer expires September 15! (By the way – she was a quilter in a former lifetime – she understands us!!!)


7 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Star -Design Wall Monday-Sept 6

  1. John, it looks like you are tending to lean towards the black background. The second Sunrise, Sunset block (one on the left) maybe be using the eggplant hard to tell. I like what I'm seeing nonetheless. Anxious to see your final decision.


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