McCall’s Design Wall Monday – August 30th

I have been busy finalizing my design for the McCall’s Design Star Challenge # 1.  I have most of the smaller pieces cut out and a few sewn together – but am still undecided about what I will use for the background color in the quilt.  As a reminder – here are the fabrics I am using for the quilt (Mixmasters-Fizz/Kaufman Fabrics by Patrick Lose)

I put up three different colors – Eggplant (Kona Solid), Black Print, Black (Kona Solid).

I decided the Black Print was a little too grey so that one got thrown out. So I added  Midnight (Kona Solid) to the mix. Here is how some of the pieces look against the background fabrics.

Against the Black

Against the Eggplant

Against the Midnight

I am on the fence trying to decide between the Black and the Eggplant. I am going to live with them for today while I finish cutting out the individual parts. I have a few quilts to crank out on the longarm and then I will start sewing the top together tomorrow.

Here is a close-up of my mock-up of the quilt with a “thought for the day” – when I hit a brick wall I read this and then follow its advice.

So, yes, one of my traditional blocks is a four-patch – and as you can see the other involves a little curved piece – but the question remains – what does the other part(s?) of the block look like?  Stop by next Monday for a little more of a reveal of what I am up to. And – mark your calendars – voting for Challenge #1 starts on September 16!

Stop by Judy’s Blog and see what others are up to!


11 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Wall Monday – August 30th

  1. As for Dessert – it is the main course – all that comes before is merely the appetizer. As for Black and Eggplant – the verdict is still out in my mind – maybe both of them might find a place!!!???!!!! The only thing worse than picking out the right fabric is picking out the right new frames for a pair of glasses.


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