Friday Finish – August 27

I must confess, I finished this quilt (and an identical one to it) several years ago. I made two identical quilts for my sisters Rita and Mary Jane. Growing up (well – while they were growing up) our family raised chickens – by the time I came along the family had ceased raising the birds. So, when I decided to make a quilt for them, I found some great chicken fabric – and I had fun with the coordinating fabrics (chicken wire, corn, etc). I quilted these on my trusty old Kenmore machine with my walking foot. (Before my HQ 16 me and my walking foot were the best of friends when it came to quilting.)

I took these shots hanging on the clothes line (same one our mother used) at the homestead in North Tonawanda, NY. (suburb of Buffalo, NY). Enjoy the quilts as we enjoy the last few days of summer.

Front of the quilt

Close up of the front

Close-up of corner

Close-up of corner

Back of the quilt

close up of back corner

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