McCall’s Design Star Wednesday – August 25

I will post some thoughts every Wednesday about the McCall’s Design Star Challenge.

But first of all – I must give a big THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to Aurifil Threads – they are one of the sponsors of the challenge. I received this pack of thread as a prize for making it into the finals -how did they know these were exactly the shades I need to piece my top for the first challenge?

When I work on a quilt I normally doodle on paper pads, and graph paper – sketching out design ideas.

I later take colored pencils/markers and color in the designs.

For this challenge I started out doodling on graph paper taking it with me as I traveled on bus and subway around New York City and on the bus and train to my church job in New Jersey. I had an initial design of two blocks and then I looked around and came up with a second design with two very different blocks. I then transferred these two basic designs to EQ6 and colored them in various combinations and printed them out – I then carried these around town with me and doodled and revised and then transferred these to EQ6 again. (Yes, I know there is a new version -I will order the new upgrade as soon as I am finished with this one and learn how to use it before the next challenge!!)

Once the quilt is posted for voting I will share with you my doodles and revisions showing how I arrived at the finished quilt top – I know you would like to see that know – but I can’t let you see it yet!

Here are some of the things I have learned and share with you for you to consider when you design a quilt:

Keep tweaking! I thought I had a great design, but it was only after I sketched it out and colored it in, set it aside and came back to it, tweaked it, set it aside, came back to it, and tweaked it yet again – that I eventually came up with several designs that I would be very happy with.

Let them rest – give them some space – let them sit for a day or two – give them and yourself time to breathe and clear your brain.

Come back to them again – and ask friends but don’t ask which one they like – but WHY they like a particular design –  Try to ask questions which let you see what they see.  See if you are conveying what you really want to convey.

This is how I am approaching the design process for the quilt challenge – now for a question for you – How do you go about designing a quilt? Please share some of how you approach creating a design.

2 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Star Wednesday – August 25

  1. I'm like you. Designing a quilt is a process that usually goes through several versions. I use EQ7. First I start with what will be the main focus of my quilt (a medallion, a certain block, whatever). Then I will try different settings and/or blocks to determine which one/s will best compliment that main one.

    Also I prefer to work with the solid colors tab rather than the prints because I don't want to get stuck with a certain print in my mind when I know I won't be able to find it. Yeah…I could scan in fabrics but I'm a bit lazy.

    With most designs I will go through several design and colors changes before I am satisfied. And on many occasions in one design session I will end up with several “keepers.”


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