McCall’s Design Star Toolbox Tuesday – Design Books

The McCall’s Design Star Challenge – has been a challenge!  We have been given the task of taking two traditional blocks and incorporating them into a quilt. We can re-size them – but if they are square they have to stay a square – if round – have to stay round, etc… – We can have multiple sizes of the same block – but only 2 traditional blocks. Gee – what blocks to choose from??? Which blocks are allowed????

We were given 3 books and told – if it’s in one of these books you can use it. The books are Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman – AQS 1993, 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone – Sterling Publishing 2004, Encyclopedia of Applique by Barbara Brackman C&T Publications 2009.

I had seen these books but never bit-the-bullet to buy them – I thought “I will never need these!” (What’s the saying “Never say never” )  So when I was on vacation I picked up one of them and then ordered the second block book – I haven’t picked up the Applique book – because I don’t do that and I think I will never need it (OK – here I come – order another book!)

I was amazed at the information that these two books hold.  They have been very useful to me in trying to pick the blocks that I will be incorporating into my quilt – if you don’t own them – you should really have a look at them and consider buying them – because you never know when they might come in handy (just like that extra piece of material that you really don’t need but bought anyway and discovered 2 years later it was the perfect fabric for the quilt you are working on now- but dang – it isn’t available now and you wish you had bought the full 2 yards way back when!)

But on a serious note – what resources do you find helpful when you are designing a quilt? Inquiring quilters want to know! Drop a note in the comment box and share your resources with others.


4 thoughts on “McCall’s Design Star Toolbox Tuesday – Design Books

  1. Hi John
    I'm also in the McCalls Challenge and I agree It's hard to not mess with the blocks and change them. I now own both the Barbara Brackman books and I have to admit that I'm spending a lot of time looking at them. I love your blog.


  2. When my daughter was a pre-schooler, someone gave her a roll of newsprint for drawing paper. Now that she's in college, I use the still-huge roll of newsprint to draw out my quilt patterns. There's nothing quite as good as seeing your quilt drawn to size. And it's fun to pull out some colored pencils fill in the designs, too!


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