Big Rig on the Road – QBL Day 3

I apologize for the two day haitus in posting – I am on vacation and have gotten a little behind in my posting. So here is an idea of what we did on day 3.  On Wednesday we focused on arashi dyeing. This is a form of resist dyeing were the fabric is wrapped around a pole (in this case PVC pipe.) It is then wrapped with string and then scrunched up, or the fabric is simply scrunched up on the pole. A great resource for the various techniques is the World Shibori Network – you can visit this site and explore how some of these techniques are accomplished. So here is some of the work I did.

Arashi Shibori with cotton fabric

Close of of arashi on cotton fabric

Arachi Shibori on light blue dupioni silk

Arachi Shibori on light gold dupioni silk

Arachi Shibori – two silk scarves

The next installment will show some examples of clamping.

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