Big Rig on Road – QBL Day 2

On the second day of “True Blue” – my Indigo Dyeing workshop at QBL we started to dye the fabric.  We used an instant Indigo – it looked like freeze dried coffee flakes – but only blue. We filled up a pail with warm water and sprinkled the appropriate amounts of indigo in the bucket. Stired and waited a few minutes and we were ready to go. We only waited an hour between dips because of our time constraints in this workshop setting. For better results we should have waited overnight for things to dry and oxidize.

I dyed the small samples that I had sewn on Day 1.  This is how they turned out.  Just so you don’t have to flip back to the previous post I will include the before and after pictures.

mokume dyed with stitches removed
tatewaku dyed with stitches removed
karamatsu dyed with stitches removed
shirokage dyed with stitches removed

Tomorrow I will be posting some pictures or Arashi (Pole dyeing)


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